The technical staff of SIPCA includes roads engineers, civil engineers, structural engineers, mechanical engineers, architects, economists, legal consultants, draftsmen, site supervisors, quantity surveyors, and administrative staff.

Whenever required the Firm has full support of other specialized consultants namely for geothecnical engineering, transportation and urban planning, landscaping and environmental engineering, electromechanical engineering, etc.

Fernando Leal Machado – Administration – Engº Hidráulico
António Gomes da Costa – Administration – Road Engineer
Armando Morgado – Administration – Structural Engineer
Jorge Lipari Pinto – Administration – Structural Engineer
João Costa – Road Engineer
Paula Cartaxo – Road Engineer
Cristina Carepo – Road Engineer
Tiago Lipari Pinto – Structural Engineer
Patrícia Fonseca – Road Engineer
Andreia Gomes da Costa – Road Engineer
João Guedes – Structural Engineer
Isabel Lipari Pinto – Structural Engineer
Pedro Volante – Structural Engineer
Luís Ferreira - Civil Engineer
Fernanda Félix – Hydraulic Engineer
Nuno Leal Machado – Architect
Hugo Guerreiro – Architect
Jorge Cravo Roxo – Electronical Engineer
Mário Silva - Architect
Raul Sequeira - Civil Engineer